Cute Clowns Kids Jigsaw Puzzle - White Mountain Puzzles

 Cute Clowns Kids Jigsaw Puzzle - White Mountain Puzzles
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Cute Clowns is a 60 piece kids jigsaw puzzle that's an eye-catching piece of work by Michael Searle. His vibrant and fun clown fish illustration brightens the deep dark sea and invites children to explore. Enjoy explaining to your kids the different elements in the jigsaw puzzle image. Kids can learn something new each time you make it. Children might ask, "Why are they smiling?' Well, because they're clown fish, of course! This 11" x 15" kids jigsaw puzzle is the perfect combination of fact and fun, and can be great for a classroom activity or some time at home away from a screen. Great for children age 5 and up. Click to browse more jigsaws in our kids puzzle category 60 piece kids jigsaw puzzle, item #1034.