Frontier Bulk Capsules - Vegetarian "0" 1,000 count bag

 Frontier Bulk Capsules - Vegetarian "0" 1,000 count bag
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Brand: Frontier Bulk See All Description: "0" empty Vegetarian Capsules - Clear Vegetarian capsules are an alternative to Gelatin capsules. They are gelatin free, starch free, preservative free and made from pure vegetable sources. Vegetarian Capsules are made of hypromellose, a naturally occurring vegetable cellulose from the Pinus palustris tree. Vegetarian Capsules are not intended for use with automated capsule filling machines. All Vegetarian Capsules are sold in 1,000 count bags.

Weight: 96 mg Capacity: 0.68 ml External Diameter: 7.34 mm Overall Length: 21.7 mm

Ingredients: Hypromellose (a carbohydrate gum derived from naturally occurring vegetable cellulose.) Origin: Mexico Kosher: Kosher Package: Bulk Bag