Cat & Tulips Kitten Puzzle - White Mountain Puzzles (D)

Cat & Tulips Kitten Puzzle - White Mountain Puzzles (D)
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What's cuter than the kitten admiring the flowers in this kitten puzzle? In Cats & Tulips, Dianne Wood does a great job using pretty pastels to give the tulips subtle, smooth lines that blend so nicely against the gray of the kitten. The bright blue eyes of the kitten give the puzzle a focal point, and tell the story of its attention to the butterfly. Notice the flowers in the background too, with hints of purple and light pink to draw the image all together. This kitten puzzle is one of our new EZ Grip Puzzles that offer bigger pieces for a more enjoyable puzzle experience. Still made from our premium quality blue chipboard and 100% MADE IN THE USA, this puzzle is designed to last. Cats & Tulips 300 Piece EZ Grip Puzzle #1011. Finished size: 24"x30".