Breakfast Club Bird - 1000 Piece Puzzle

Breakfast Club Bird - 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Product Description

Breakfast Club is a 1,000 piece bird jigsaw puzzle depicting a lovely scene by Greg Giordano. Enjoy the beauty of nature as birds gather in a tree for a bountiful breakfast of bird seed and berries. Notice not only the colorful birds, but the fine details of the branches, the delicate pink trumpet vines that weave throughout the picture, and the butterflies that flutter amongst the leaves. See how many birds you can name in this jigsaw puzzle, or learn them as you go; the stunning Red Cardinal, the colorful Blue Jay, the quick little Hummingbird, and the bright Goldfinch are just a few highlights of this delightful puzzle. Item #1014 is 100% made in the USA with a finished size of 24" x 30". Click to browse more bird jigsaw puzzles.

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