The Blackworld: Evolution To Revolution (Paperback) by Prince Justice

The Blackworld: Evolution To Revolution (Paperback) by Prince Justice
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The Blackworld is a stunning interwoven account of all the world's major black communities from creation to 2006, and presents a new empowering perspective and total paradigm change that will lead Black people into an era of unparallel cultural and economic ascendancy. Assailing present academic and religious thought, it logically traces humanity from the true Garden of Eden - the Negro Delta. It examines past and present issues like the real ancient Egyptians, Black poverty, AIDS, African local wars/African-American gangster wars, the dodgy White Wars on paganism, slavery, Communism, Diseases, Drugs and now Terrorism, which all end up affecting the Blackworld disproportionately. This book enlightens and highlights all black folk from African-Americans known as Akata by the Yorubas/Ibos of the former Slave Coast (now southern Nigeria - the Nigger area), to the Southernmost Ngunis and Afro-Brazilians as well as the islander Afro-Caribbean and Black British. Created in Europe; Educated in Africa; Agitated in the Americas - Prince Justice is a Yoruba, London-born Social Scientist, who, while living in the New York Tristate Area, was compelled to write this book and other soon-to-be released books.

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