When Peace Comes: Civil Society and Development in Sudan Hardcover by Yoanes Ajawin

When Peace Comes: Civil Society and Development in Sudan Hardcover by Yoanes Ajawin
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Sudan’s civil war is 18 years old—but it must come to an end sometime. What challenges will the Sudanese state and civil society face as they try to reconstruct a ravaged and divided country? How will a post-war Sudan respond to the challenges of globalization as it tries to rehabilitate its economy, resettle its refugees, and rebuild its institutions? The essays in this book engages these important questions and others such as: · How is Sudan to achieve sustainable and equitable development, given its deep poverty, huge debt, decayed infrastructure, and extreme income inequalities? How can it use its oil revenues to promote social justice and not just enrich the few? · How is rural food security to be ensured? Should Sudan embark upon radical land reform? · How are the multiple armed groups in Sudan to be disarmed and demobilized, and how is a new national army to be built from the acrimony, fragmentation and proliferation of weaponry that exist today? · Should refugees and displaced people be seen as a burden or as an asset? How can they be made full citizens of a rebuilt Sudan? · How can women play a full and active role in peacemaking and promoting human rights in Sudan? · How can a new political system ensure political pluralism? How can it balance the demands of central government and the regions? · What should be the political role of Islam? How can a democratic government reconcile Islam and the rights of all Sudanese citizens?

This book is the second in a series published by Justice Africa and the Committee of the Civil Project, representing the outcome of extensive research and consultation by a wide range of Sudanese scholars and activists.

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