Crossing Memories: Slavery and African Diaspora

Crossing Memories: Slavery and African Diaspora
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This volume examines the history and the memory of slavery in Africa and the Americas from the period of the transatlantic slave trade until the present day. Using diverse approaches and a myriad of sources, the contributors investigate how slavery has shaped the past and the present lives of African diaspora populations. "Never Again!" should be the slogan of this highly remarkable set of papers as it reminds us of the evils of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and how its past experienced in blood and pain is reinterpreted, reconstructed and reinvented in multiple spaces and in different eras in the Atlantic world. The crafting is a rich embroidery of scholastic and creative threads, represented by music and dance, poetry and stories, histories and monuments, all combined to produce a colorful garment of stunning beauty. Toyin Falola, the Ibn Khaldun Distinguished Research Prefessor, and the Julius Nyerere Mwalimu Chair of Modern African History, Benue State University, Nigeria

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