Brother To Brother (A Message of Hope) Paperback

Brother To Brother (A Message of Hope) Paperback
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It is a prevalent reality that the epidemic of violence plaguing the African American Village Community is a direct result of the intentional strangulation (social, political, economic, educational, and psychological) of the Black Alpha Male. Be that as it may, I have come to realize that the most effective weapon against the tentacles of evil (created/produced by the capitalist hierarchy) is an indigenous spiritual healing initiated by the spirit of God, the Unmoved Mover. I further conclude that a categorical imperative of self-reflection and self-examination must precede this long overdue spiritual occupation. In this message of hope, self-reflection becomes a necessary corrective (a weapon for mass healing). In a candid manner, this exegesis will explore the present selective conscious choices of the Black Alpha Male. This trilogy consists of: Constructionist 10% Destructionist 70% Objectionist 20% Armed with this preternatural healing, we will be moved by the power of God to face our problems once and for all as a culture. Furthermore, in our round table discussions (both privately and publicly), we will be able to find that at Ground Zero (during the long night of slavery), God was forever present, and he still is present with us today. In retrospect, He is waiting on an honest dialogue both collectively among ourselves and with Him one on one. Laws, legislation, amendments, social policies, and affirmative action cannot completely solve our problems. The spiritual and psychological scars are too deep. This healing must inevitably come from the inside out. What we need is evidence of hope past, present, and future. With the assistance and guidance of the Creator, I have researched this evidence of things hoped for. I am honored to share these empirical findings with my readers. In Part I (Chapters 1 and 2), we will explore Evidence of Historical Hope: Before I ll Be a Slave, I ll Be Buried in My Grave! This section will also include a present day connection. We will, we must, and we shall overcome by revisiting the unconditional historical unity and unprecedented defiance of the Black Alpha Male. Prior to the sociological parting of the Constructionist, Destructionist, and Objectionist, we were united aboard the Mothership under the directive of God. We were indeed one nation under God, regardless of tribal affiliations and geographical origins. We began to speak one unspoken language, truly in defiance. We were moving by the power of God. Collective and individual freedom became a synonymous, conscious means to an end. Resistance and defiance became a necessary corrective to submission. In Part II (Chapters 3 5), we will explore Evidence of Present Day Hope: And Still I Rise...So Let Freedom Ring. We will, we must, and we shall overcome by taking a candid look at how the trilogy of Black Alpha Males can once again unite and show collective defiance against social, economic, political, psychological, and educational oppression oppression that continues to separate us within the continuum of the trilogy. These chapters will revisit the rise of the Destructionist and the continuous efforts of the Constructionist to counter this genocidal surge. Evidence of present day hope will support the ideological hypothesis that we can, individually and collectively, unite again as one nation under God. Finally, in Part III (Chapters 6 and 7), we will close out with Evidence of Unseen Hope: We Are the Dream of the Slave. We will, we must, and we shall overcome by developing a new covenant among ourselves, a covenant that produces leaders in every valley, in every state, in every city, in every hamlet. It is with great pleasure that I present to my readers another excellent exegesis in the tradition of the African American Experience.

Product Details Paperback: 157 pages Publisher: HOPE (Helping Oppressed People Emerge); 1st edition (June 2, 2008) Language: English ISBN-10: 1934155187 ISBN-13: 978-1934155189