Ecover Natural Fabric Softener 32 fl. oz.

Ecover Natural Fabric Softener 32 fl. oz.
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Product Description

Suggested Uses: High Efficiency. Naturally softens and freshens your laundry. *makes ironing easier. *no petrochemical based ingredients. *reduces static cling. *respects your skin: no colorants, only plant based ingredients. *optimum level of biodegradability far exceeds legal requirements. *minimum impact on aquatic life. *against animal testing. *also suitable for septic tanks.

Ingredients: Surfactants based on vegetable oils, salt, scent from plant material, preservative. Directions: Hand Wash: add to 1 capful to the last rinse. Machine Wash: Add 1 to 2 capfuls to the last rinse cycle or pour into the separate dispenser of the machine. Attention: never put undiluted fabric softener directly onto the laundry. Do not use on wool or silk. Size: 32 fl. oz.