Ecover Natural Delicate Wash 32 fl. oz.

Ecover Natural Delicate Wash 32 fl. oz.
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Product Description

Brand: Ecover Suggested Uses: Wool & Fine Fabrics

High Efficiency. Ideal for fine fabrics, silks and woollens. *preserves the softness of delicate fibres and protects their colour. *respects your skin due to plant based ingredients. *no petrochemical based ingredients. *optimum level of biodegradability far exceeds legal requirements. *minimum impact on aquatic life. *against animal testing. *also suitable for septic tanks

Ingredients: Water, surfactants based on vegetable oil, vegetable oil based soap, salt, citric acid, scent from plant material, preservative. Directions: Hand Wash: pour capful into sink filled with cold water before adding fabrics. Soak for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly in cold water and roll in towel to remove excess water. Do not wring or twist. Machine Wash: Select gentle or delicate cycle and cold water. Add 2 capfuls of Ecover Delicate Wash then add garments. Size: 32 fl. oz.