Ecover Natural Automatic Dishwashing Tablets 25 count

Ecover Natural Automatic Dishwashing Tablets 25 count

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Brand: Ecover See All Suggested Uses: *dual action for effective cleaning and degreasing. *hygienic, efficient and safe. *no petrochemical based ingredients. *no residue of unnecessary chemicals on your dishes. *optimum level of biodegradability. *minimum impact on aquatic life. *phosphate and chlorine free. *against animal testing. *also suitable for septic tanks.

Ingredients: Ecover Discloses All Ingredients: >30% Citrate, 15-30% Carbonate; 5-15% Silicate, Percarbonate; <5% Non-ionic Active Washing Matter From Sugar, Polypeptide, Sugar Based Bleaching Activator, Lemon Extracts, Enzymes. Directions: *remove large food scraps from your dishes. *remove the wrapper from the tablet. *place the tablet into the dispenser. *if the tablet does not fit into the dispensers place in the cutlery basket. *one tablet will clean a machine load of normally dirty dishes! *run the machine as per the manufacturer’s instructions. *regularly check the Rinse Aid and salt. *for best results use Ecover Dishwasher Tablets in conjunction with Ecover Rinse Aid and normal dishwasher salt

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