22 Laws Of Inner Peace Hardcover

22 Laws Of Inner Peace Hardcover

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Learn from a 19th-century wise man who would secretly mentor princes

"Never did I leave his presence without feeling that my own nature had been uplifted to nobler and better things."

- Madam Gebhard, former pupil of Eliphas Levi

In 1862 the wise Eliphas Levi set down a number of principles, twenty-two in total, that if taken together would naturally give rise to inner peace, the most valuable possession of all. The twenty-two laws were written in French and have never been translated into English, until now. Prepare to dive in and learn from one of the greatest minds of the 19th century. Inside you will discover not only the laws of inner peace but also keys to success, love and life.


The 22 Laws of Inner Peace


How to Attract your Desires

How to Create Good Opportunities

[bonus secret chapter]

Quotes from the book:

"To believe is to feel and to feel is to create."

"If you want to attract, make an empty space."

"Man's greatest wisdom is to choose his obsession well."

"Weak people talk and do not act; strong people act and keep silent."

"Laziness comes from the discouragement of solitude, from a low opinion of oneself and others."

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