Alpha Phi Alpha Double Switch Cover

Alpha Phi Alpha Double Switch Cover
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Product Description

Decorative light switch plate wall covers featuring African American art by John Baker III, Keith “Cartoonman”, Douglas Marvin Sin, Frank Frazier, Malika Jackson, Candace Hunter, Sylvia “Gbaby” Cohen, Demar Douglas, Emani Wilson, Dane Tilghman, Oronde Kairi and Okra Stewdio. Adinkra symbols, kemetic symbols and animal prints are also available.

Metal face plates fit and replace all standard household wall plate covers.

-Single and double toggle switch plates.

-Single and double rocker(wide) switch plates

-Designs are printed directly onto the metal switch plates

-Decorated in the USA

-High gloss finish resists scratches

--Over 170 designs are available.

Use any non-abrasive household cleaning agent to clean.

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