Frontier Bulk Psyllium Seed ORGANIC, 1 lb. package

 Frontier Bulk Psyllium Seed ORGANIC, 1 lb. package
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Brand: Frontier Bulk See All Botanical Name: Plantago ovata Forssk. Description: Organic, psyllium seed, for baking, encapsulating and making herbal preparations. Safety Info: Warning-Taking this product without adequate fluid may cause it to swell and block your throat or esophagus and may cause choking. Do not take this product if you have difficulty in swallowing. If you experience chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty in swallowing or breathing after taking this product, seek immediate medical attention. Take with at least 8 ounces of liquid. Contraindicated in bowel obstruction; take other drugs one hour prior to consumption of psyllium. Directions: Mix 2 tsp of psyllium with at least 8 oz (a full glass) of water or other fluid. Origin: India Organic: Organic Kosher: Kosher Size: 1 lb Package: Bulk Bag