The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book Four

The Astrological Foundation Of The Christ Myth, Book Four

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Theology Of Time is the best definition of the evolution of religion that I have ever heard – it started as astronomy that evolved into cryptic Myth (Mythology, Tales and Folklore) – and out of this mix has emerged our present day religious creeds. The fables that we call religious history are completely bogus in terms of actual history. The evolution of our modern Religious Concepts began with Astronomy, and evolved through Mythology and Astrology into modern religion. Jesus Christ , Moses , Abraham and all of the other so-called prophets of the Quran , Bible and Torah are cosmic myths – they never existed in actual history. They are the personifications of cosmic entities and their tales, in truth, are no less than a registry of astronomical phenomena written in a mythological format.

The best term that I have ever heard as a description of religion is Theology Of time – that’s exactly what religion is and has always been. Religious myth was born out of a system of Time-Keeping, its originators were primitive stargazers whose history goes back more thousands of years than I would like to count.

Within this Book, we shall also bring greater clarity to the important book of Genesis. In Chapter two I have included much of the Stellar and Circumpolar symbolism that was omitted from the previous volumes. The inclusion of the stellar symbolism and its interpretations will give the reader a much broader comprehension of biblical allegory. I have found astronomical correlations going back over 8,000 years in the Book Of Genesis. The interpretations are very vivid and jolting.

We have attacked and explained many of the most enigmatic portions of the bible within Book Four, and that includes the Book Of Revelations – that mystery of the Ages. We have included many interpretations relating to Environmental (Agricultural) symbolism within this Volume, as it is very pertinent to the New Testament and to Revelations as well.

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