The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth, Book Two

The Astrological Foundation of the Christ Myth, Book Two

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From The Author: This is the Second Edition of the Book. The book has been extensively revised pursuant to greater clarity. We have also enlarged the book in keeping with this aim. This is Book-Two of a Four-Book series. It is my intention that each ensuing volume shall explore this subject of astrological mythology in increasing detail and greater depth. The contention advocated in this essay is that modern religion is a direct offshoot of mythology, and that mythology is, in great part, astronomy written in a mythological format. Astronomy, of course, is a science, and as with any science, the explanations, at times, may be very intricate and mathematical. Consequently, I have decided to cover this subject in four stages or volumes, with each sequential volume taking us deeper into the intrigues of astrotheology. I think that this edition is much more understandable than the First Edition, although Chapter One may be considered somewhat arcane by some. We are dealing with very complex subject matters, for which lucid explanations are, at times, difficult to transmit; however, I believe that the explications within this edition have been significantly enhanced, with markedly improved analyses and clarity. The book proves that ancient mythology was, in fact, written allegorical records of astronomical or celestial transitions, under the type of mythical deities. The History of the biblical Jesus Christ is drawn from the symbolical history of prior Sun Deities. His birth through to his death, as represented in the bible, is a symbolical representation of the annual Sun Cycle, which is given detailed explanation within this book we have correlated all of the major events in the life of the biblical Jesus with their astronomical counterparts - this symbolism is thoroughly explained, and proven within the Book. The cosmic transitions that we have correlated to the biblical life of Jesus Christ are clear and explicit. The history of the Children of Israel, in the bible, is pure symbolism also, and in various aspects parallels the basic storylines of the mythical Jesus. The fabled stories of the Old Testament carry symbolisms similar to those of the New Testament scriptures, so we have provided insights into the Old Testament allegories as well; relevant to cosmic, agricultural, and cultural symbolisms.

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