When We Ruled - Robin Walker

When We Ruled - Robin Walker

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Product Description

When We Ruled is a landmark publication superbly illustrated with high quality photographs, maps, and drawings. It provides an extraordinary and cutting-edge synthesis of the archaeological data, the documentary evidence, and the historical linguistic research. When We Ruled recounts the fascinating story of the origin and development of indigenous civilizations across the vast panorama of the African continent.

In twenty-two chapters, When We Ruled examines the nature of what we call "Black history," critically surveying the often-shoddy documentation of that history. Importantly, it focuses upon African civilization in the Valley of the Nile and analyzes the key historical phases of Ancient Egypt -- critical exercises for any professed scholar of African history and vital pieces of Africa's legacy. These are the key elements that Walker notes so many scholars of European descent have chosen, quite deliberately, it seems, to distort, delete, or ignore. --From the introduction by Runoko Rashidi

Paperback, 716 pages. Includes images.

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