777 or Bab-el the True Bible, a Power Generator

777 or Bab-el the True Bible, a Power Generator
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The original "BIBLE" was the "Bab-El," Scripture of the Heavens. Bible stories are allegories about the ZODIAK, POLIAK, LUNIAK or life & times of zodiacal SUN, north-star POLARIS & her majesty the MOON, hence "Lord of Lords," "King of Kings, "Queen of Heaven." Same Trinity = FATHER (Polaris), SON (Sun) & HOLY GHOST (moon's ghostly crescent). No wonder Bible highlights #s 12񫞇= 12 zodiac signs, 7 northpole signs, 3 moon-phases. Bible has 66 books; 6+6=12; 7 are double; 2 testaments (1+2=3). When The Traits of the Bab-El are "built into" anything, it becomes a Bab-El, hence can access POWER= CONTROL. Related, Babel, Babylon are a gross distortion of the Afrakan Truth. Disguisedly, castration of the Blak "Pole" of Power. Now Bab-El Truth is revealed. (v3, #29)