Princess Unicorn Puzzle for Kids - White Mountain Puzzles

 Princess Unicorn Puzzle for Kids - White Mountain Puzzles
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If you're looking for a good puzzle for kids, Princess Unicorn by Steve Reed may be just what you need. Kids will enjoy taking a trip into the enchanted land of a princess and her pet unicorn, and let their imaginations soar as they put the puzzle together. With just 100 pieces, this jigsaw puzzle is good for kids ages 6+ years old. Excite your child's mind and trigger creativity with the mix of color, sparkle, and wonder that combine in this puzzle. This new addition to our Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids collection measures 11" X 15" and is filled with beautiful creatures in a magical land. Create your own captivating story as you follow the butterflies up to the castle, play with the flamingos in the mystical waters, or dance through the rainbows with the bunnies and birds in this puzzle. 100 Piece Kids Jigsaw Puzzle #991