AFRICAN TIME (Universe to 1896 AD*) Complete Vol. 1 Paperback

AFRICAN TIME (Universe to 1896 AD*) Complete Vol. 1 Paperback

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African Time (Universe to 1896) Expanded Edition, (2020 copyright) adds to what was revised and rewritten (in 2016). To better establish a general foundational chronology of African history from the earliest organizing of the universe we live in, to 1896ad (7601 African Kmt Calendar), we reduced fonts, expanded margins, improved detail for western Africa and the civilizations developed there, and then expanded the entire text by 167 pages 10 of which are color. The vast range of time documented as history required that we replan, reprepare, and again perfect multidisciplinary research procedures for over the past three years. In the process of accurately framing the world's history and the history of Africans in the world, we critically focused on: (1) Africa's foundational civilization (African Kmt), (2) the destruction of African civilization via the Holocaust of African Enslavement, and (3) African diaspora struggles in what became the United States. Our scope: (1) general time, movement of time, and measure and organization of time; (2) documentation of important events and processes in African time (history), (3) synthesis of historical processes: formation and development of universe, galaxy, solar system, earth, organic life on earth, human life, diverse human societies, African civilizations, destruction of African civilizations, Holocaust of African enslavement (U.S. focus), system of enslavement, Civil War, Reconstruction, pacification and African diaspora adaptations (U.S. focus); (4) chronological presentation of history (Universe to 1896 AD) on the African timeline; (5) side-by-side display of the African Kmt and Greco-Roman calendars; and (6) outline of African World History. This is the largest single volume book written on African foundational history.

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