A Beard Like My Dad

A Beard Like My Dad

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The perfect bedtime story for your little one and the perfect gift for baby showers, a birthday, Father's Day, new dads, first libraries, grandfathers, and more! Story By: Michael A. Warren, @michaelofalwd Art By: Melvin Nesbitt Jr., @melvinnesbittjr Book Design: A Life Well Dressed Company | @alwdcompany Published By: A Life Well Dressed Company | alifewelldressed.com 2019 A Life Well Dressed Company. Size: 7.5” x 6” X 1” A Beard Like My Dad is the first title from A Life Well Dressed, written by co-founder Michael A. Warren. A Beard Like My Dad is a genuine story celebrating fatherhood with New York as the backdrop highlighting diversity and teaching geography. “From Uptown, to Downtown and Brooklyn too, I’ve even seen animals with beards at the Bronx Zoo.” The story at its core, shows two simple common threads Michael found amongst numerous fathers in New York; he noticed their beards and the love of their children. From this simple observation, and a tug at he’s own beard by his son Michael David, comes A Beard Like My Dad that highlights these common threads in a honest, fun and vibrant way.

The artist Melvin Nesbitt Jr., a resident of Washington, DC took initial sketches by the author and during the vicissitudes of 2020, tapped into the innocent joy kids experience with their fathers and the pride father’s have for their children. His unique technique of paper mache cut outs puts forth lively details that brings to life each character and scenes of New York in a new way. With whimsical structure, Melvin Nesbitt Jr. masterfully blends the story and art together with intentionality and spirit.

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