White Mountain Puzzles Birds of Summer Puzzle Jigsaw

White Mountain Puzzles Birds of Summer Puzzle Jigsaw

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The Birds of Summer puzzle is a recent addition to our beautiful collection of bird puzzles. It's a spirited depiction of a bright summer day, with some of our finest feathered friends frolocking in a colorful garden, beautifully painted by Greg Giordano. This 550 piece bird jigsaw puzzle is bursting with colors, from the overgrown wildflowers to the circle of birds, including robins, bluejays, bluebirds, and orioles that gather around the birdbath. Let the peaceful nature scene take you back to a warm summer day, and listen for the joyous harmonies of bird songs as you feel the warmth of the sun wash over you. This puzzle is 18" x 24" finished size, perfect for framing , and will be sure to give you just enough challenge for a few hours of fun.

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