The Breath Of Life And The Flame Divine Paperback

The Breath Of Life And The Flame Divine Paperback

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The ancient fire philosophers taught the secret of the Flame Divine and knew the meaning of the Spark of Life.

After fifty years of diligent research, Prof. Hotema has dug from ancient ruins some fragments of ancient scriptures dealing with a marvellous secret of the Macrocosm, and tells the story in his remarkable work The Breath of Life and the Flame Divine.

He shows why Chiropractic is the greatest system known for treatment of the sick. It lies in the fact that Chiropractic unconsciously deals with the Fire of Life, and has some knowledge as to why the body functions. And yet, it knows not the true nature of the animative power nor the seat of its source.

Professor Hotema shows that the secret was solved by the Ancient Astrologers and lies buried now beneath the ruins of their temples, libraries and cities. Such of their valuable scriptures as were salvaged are concealed in caves in India and are guarded by armed men.

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