Dry Those Tears Paperback

Dry Those Tears Paperback

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It is my hope that this book will meet the needs of those who have grown with me in spiritual understanding, in awareness of the height and depth of God's love, and in realization of man's Oneness with Him; and that those who are taking their first steps on this joyous journey will find through it the Wisdom whose ways are ways of pleasantness and all whose paths are peace.

Robert A. Russell

Through many difficulties and many priests, our church became a parish in 1927

under Dr. Robert Russell. He eventually built this church at this location in

1941, and it was added on to in 1960. Dr. Russell was a theatrical man who was

a one man show. All of the lights in the church would be turned down (there were no

windows then) save one, this one over the pulpit. He would give a rousing sermon on

healing and the human potential (ironically he was a more Zorastrian-like the wise

man-than Anglican). He had a huge following in his heyday and this parish averaged

500-700 on a Sunday during the 1950s. A Great metaphysician and every one of his

books is worth its weight in GOLD.

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