An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary  Volume 1 of 2 Hardcover

An Egyptian Hieroglyphic Dictionary Volume 1 of 2 Hardcover

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Curiously enough Young did not follow up his discovery by a continued application of his phonetic principle to Egyptian inscriptions other than those on the Rosetta Stone, but seems to have been content to leave its further application and development to Champollion le Jeune.2 And for some reason he made no attempt to add to the Egyptian Vocabulary containing 218 words which he published in his article egypt in the Encyclopedia Britannica, or if he did. His additions were never printed. On the other hand, he devoted himself to the preparation of a Demotic Dictionary and this work occupied the last ten years of his life. The Advertise ment is of considerable interest, for it shows that it was only his inability to decide upon the system of arrangement that ought to be employed in an Egyptian Dictionary, that prevented him from publishing the work during his lifetime. His difficulty is described by him thus.

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