Fasting Prayer Hardcover

Fasting Prayer Hardcover

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Full facsimile of the original edition, not reproduced with Optical Recognition Software. In 1946, Hall published a brief book entitled "Atomic Power with God through Prayer and Fasting." The book, which provided detailed information on the methods and benefits of fasting, was an immediate success and brought Hall considerable fame. According to Hall, all of the major evangelists began following his fasting regime and miracles erupted everywhere. Many observers of the early revival years agreed, as one said, "Every one of these men down through the years followed Franklin Hall's method of fasting." He followed this up with "The Fasting Prayer" in 1947. Contents include: Fasting makes world history: Fasting on Azusa Street; Adam's fast broken -- The Fasting prayer; Give your stomach a vacation; Conquer the flesh or the flesh conquers you -- The Refining fire of perfection: Down with the flesh; Six fast 21 days and 600 converted; The Human storage battery; Fasting prevents divisions -- The Food drunkards: The Alcohol factory; Tobacco, alcohol and dope cure -- Daniel's diet and fasts: The Soap plant; A Call for fasting for national repentance -- The Plain simple teachings of Christ: Fasting sense; A thousand converted -- Fasting becomes faith: Receiving spiritual gifts: The Substance of God; The Refinery -- Taking a forty day fast: Why 40 days?; The Big fight -- Some Fasting problems: Automatic blood transfusion; Testimony from England -- Breaking the Fast -- The Travailing prayer: Do you control food or does food control you?; Fasting lives on the very poisons that one wishes to abolish -- Divine healing for fasting and prayer: Sugar coated pills with the sugar removed.

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