The Five Books of Maccabees in English Hardcover

The Five Books of Maccabees in English Hardcover

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There are two books of Maccabees in the Catholic Bible, and none in the Protestant Bible. There were (and still are) speculations and arguments, about why these books existed in one version of the Bible and not in the other, but none of them went to the core of the matter until Henry Cotton.

As shown in this book, there are not two but five books of Maccabees. Five books so rich in the history, politics and religion of the Jewish people that leaving them out of any version of the Bible equals the drastic erasing of the history of an entire nation of people.

Henry Cotton corrects this error by researching and collecting the writings of ancient Jewish authors. The work of these authors tells of the persecution of the Jews under the Seleucid dynasty, details the true beginning of Hannukah and provides authentic information for the period known as the "400 Years of Silence."

Proving to be much more than religious text, Cottons unveils the fascinating history of the Jewish people, one neglected in the Protestant Bible and barely explored in the catholic one. Presenting it in a manner that lets you explore history in the most engaging way.

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