The Master Mind: The Key to Mental Power, Development & Efficiency Paperback

The Master Mind: The Key to Mental Power, Development & Efficiency Paperback

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Theron Q. Dumont was the pseudonym used by William Walker Atkinson, a highly prolific author and leader of the New Thought movement. Atkinson was one of the first authors to write about the law of attraction, or in other words that "like attracts like". Decades before Esther and Jerry Hick's "Money and the Law of Attraction" or Rhonda Byrnes "The Secret", he taught taught readers how to use the power of thought to attract wealth, health, happiness and success.

In the timeless classic The Master Mind Atkinson teaches us that "Our world is very much what we choose to pay attention to." He gives us the tools we need to permanently rid ourselves of the slave mentality and become Master Minds in our own right.

"Man has it in his power to make of himself what he will' to become his own mental creator, instead of allowing others to create his mentality for him. Too long has man bowed to environment and outer circumstances: he is now learning to be his own environment, by means of creating the same from within.

Have you decided whether you shall be the Master, or the mastered? There comes a time in the life of each one of us when this question must be answered' the course chosen. It may be that this time has come to you in the reading of these lines. Are you ready to answer it, and to make the decision? Remember the question. It is this: 'Mastery or Servitude' Which?'"

This book includes the full original text meticulously re-typeset and designed.

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