A Manual of Hadith Paperback

A Manual of Hadith Paperback

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"Hadith are oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Hadith collections are regarded as important tools for determining the Sunnah, or Muslim way of life, by all traditional schools of jurisprudence. There are many collections of Hadith (traditions and sayings of the Prophet and other Islamic leaders), as well as English translations of them. The Hadith provided below are from "A Manual of Hadith," a collection and translation by Maulana Muhammad Ali in 1944. These were chosen primarily for their availability and respectability, and should serve to provide non-Muslims with an introduction to the contents of Hadith. Contents: 0. Translator's Preface 1. How Divine Revelation Came to the Holy Prophet 2. Faith and Submission 3. Knowledge 4. Purification 5. The Mosque 6. Adhan and Iqamah 7. Jama'ah or Congregation 8. The Imam 9. Institution of Prayer 10. Prayer-Service 11. Friday Service 12. 'Id Service 13. Superogatory Prayers 14. Miscellenaneous Prayers 15. Burial Service 16. Charity and Zakat 17. Fasting 18. Pilgrimage 19. Jihad 20. Marriage 21. Divorce 22. Buying and Selling 23. Cultivation of Land 24. Matters Relating to Service 25. Debts and Mortgage 26. Gifts 27. Wills and Inheritance 28. Foods and Drinks 29. Toilet 30. Ethics 31. The State

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