The Magic World Hardcover

The Magic World Hardcover

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"An atom consists of a spheroidal form containing within itself a nucleus of life. Absolute intelligence appears in every atom" (Alice Bailey, in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 245). All created formations consist of billions of atoms, and, so far as we know, Cosmic Consciousness rules their basic activity. Cells build bodies that are composed of atoms. And the innate knowledge of the part every cell must perform in the construction and sustentation of the body, whether tree or man, is a mode of action of the atom of every organized form, whether in tree or in man. They perform their magical work automatically and perfectly, as if they understood mathematics, chemistry, biology and physiology. And here we encounter another phase of fraud in this world of fraud. Just as in religion, so in the field of medicine, the masses must be deceived, duped, and kept in darkness.

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