Relations of the Federal Government to Slavery Hardcover

Relations of the Federal Government to Slavery Hardcover

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The traditions and historic glory that surround the Federal Government as our fathers formed it, are yet dear to the hearts of the whole American people. That government still belongs to them - it is their heritage, and they, I trust, will yet restore and preserve it The horoscope of the future daily brightens with hopeful signs, not the least of which is the fact that the President of the United States, who was elected to his high Office upon a declaration of political principles logically Involving the extermination of slavery as existing in fifteen States of the Federal Union, and which could not therefore be carried out without making the Union a divided house, has himself become the supporter of a constitutional and conservative policy in regard to Slavery. Let us thank God and take courage. If the govern ment will but stand firmly on constitutional ground, we will not despair of the Republic.

It is also due to truth to say that one object [have in the present publica tion is to disabuse the minds of some of my fellow-citizens, whose good Opinion I value, who have been misled by false statements charging me with sympathy with the Southern rebellion. The Opinions now published were the result of patient investigation, and are still held with earnest conviction, confirmed by the events of the past year. Of their justice and patriotism, and whether or not they are the Opinions of a sympathizer with rebellion, candid men will judge.

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