The Secret Of The Rosery Hardcover

The Secret Of The Rosery Hardcover

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This work by St. Louis de Montfort is one of his most important writings. He describes the many benefits of the Rosary and how to say it with true devotion. Note this book is combined with The Secret of Mary, Love of Eternal Wisdom and Friends of the Cross in a collection called Writings of Saint Louis de Montfort for less than $12. ART I - WHAT THE ROSARY IS First Rose The prayers of the Rosary A White Rose A Red Rose A Mystical Rose Tree God Alone A Rosebud FIRST DECADE The surpassing merit of the Rosary as seen in its origin and name. First Rose: Prayers Second Rose: Origin and Name Third Rose: Saint Dominic Fourth Rose: Blessed Alan de la Roche Fifth Rose: Confraternity Sixth Rose: Mary's Psalter Seventh Rose: Crown of Roses Eighth Rose: Marvels of the Rosary Ninth Rose: Enemies Tenth Rose: Miracles SECOND DECADE The surpassing merit of the Rosary as seen in the prayers which compose it. Eleventh Rose: The Creed Twelfth Rose: The Our Father Thirteenth Rose: Our Father Part 2 Fourteenth Rose: Our Father Part 3 Fifteenth Rose: Hail Mary Sixteenth Rose: Hail Mary - Beauty Seventeenth Rose: Hail Mary - Fruits Eighteenth Rose: Hail Mary - Blessings Nineteenth Rose: Happy Exchange Twentieth Rose: Brief explanation of the Hail Mary THIRD DECADE The surpassing merit of the holy Rosary as a meditation on the life and passion of our Lord Jesus Christ Twenty-first Rose: The Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary Twenty-second Rose: The Meditation of the Mysteries makes us resemble Jesus Twenty-third Rose: The Rosary is a Memorial of the Life and Death of Jesus Twenty-fourth Rose: Meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary is a great means of perfection Twenty-fifth Rose: The Riches of Holiness contained in the Prayers and Meditations of the Rosary Twenty-sixth Rose: Sublime Prayer Twenty-seventh Rose: Benefits Twenty-eighth Rose: Salutary Effects Twenty-ninth Rose: Means of Salvation Thirtieth Rose: Confraternity Privileges FOURTH DECADE The surpassing merit of the holy Rosary as seen in the wonders God has worked through it. Thirty-first Rose: Blanche of Castille - Alphonsus VIII Thirty-second Rose: Don Perez Thirty-third Rose: A Diabolical Possession Thirty-fourth Rose: Simone de Mortfort, Alan de Lanvallay, And Othere Thirty-fifth Rose: Cardinal Pierre Thirty-sixth Rose: Freed From Satan Thirty-seventh Rose: A Monastery Reformed Thirty-eighth Rose: A Bishop's Devotion Thirty-ninth Rose: A Parish Transformed Fortieth Rose: Admirable Effects FIFTH DECADE How to say the Rosary worthily Forty-first Rose: Purity of Intention Forty-second Rose: With Attention Forty-third Rose: Fighting Distractions Forty-fourth Rose: A Good Method Forty-fifth Rose: With Reverence Forty-sixth Rose: Group Recitation Forty-seventh Rose: Proper Dispositions Forty-eighth Rose: Perseverance Forty-ninth Rose: Indulgences Fiftieth Rose: Various Methods Methods of Saying the Most Holy Rosary so as to Draw Upon Our Souls the Grace of the Mysteries of the Life, Passion and Glory of Jesus and Mary

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