The Soul's Secret Paperback

The Soul's Secret Paperback

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This book reveals the higher science needed to understand the soul and covers its inner teachings. The author states that a complete understanding of this higher science is not possible until one fully grasps the science of the physical world. The first half of this book covers how the physical world works through standard Earth Science. Once this context is established, the author moves into the higher science, covering how it relates to this physical world and offers proof for the human soul. If one has patience and follows the author's line of reasoning, then a more complete understanding of the "soul's secret" can be reached. The author refers to this higher science as Cosmic Science, which was taught by what he calls the Ancient Astrologers, up until the fourth century AD. At this time, the Roman Church killed many of these teachers and destroyed their work, plunging the world into the Dark Ages, which lasted for a thousand years. Hotema reveals this ancient knowledge in the second half of this book, including how many of these great teachings were incorporated by the Church, but were camouflaged into their texts. As a result, the original teachings lost their power and could only be understood cryptically or symbolically, if at all. The author shows how the books and dogma of modern religions have replaced the deeper wisdom previously attained through actual spiritual experience. He reveals much of this wisdom, which covers proof of the human soul, the survival of bodily death, and the hidden power we have within us.

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