This Thing Called Life Paperback

This Thing Called Life Paperback

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The great contribution of Ernest Holmes to modern thought is the specific form of meditation and prayer by which man can control outward conditions of his life instead of permitting conditions to control him. Based soundly and thoughtfully upon the teachings of Jesus and other great spiritual leaders and philosophers, THIS THING CALLED LIFE is an outline of the practice of Faith by which problems of every kind may be solved by every man and woman, directly, simply and effectively.

Recognised as one of the foremost teachers of religious science and philosophy since William James, in this book Mr. Holmes courageously declares that for centuries man has been putting the cart before the horse, that he is not helpless in the face of poverty, disease, evil and unhappiness, but that by this clear and simple system of thought and faith he can dominate them and introduce into his experience their exact opposites-abundance, health, good and happiness. If man will try and learn how to think, writes Mr. Holmes, he can dominate his entire life and everything in and around it.

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