Too Blessed Wall Calendar

Too Blessed Wall Calendar

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"Too Blessed to be Stressed" 2022 Wall Calendar

Filled with lively animation and whimsical artistry, African American Expressionsô proudly presents another installment of the wildly popular Too Blessed to be Stressed calendar series. With its colorful pages and rambunctious characters, our 2022 calendar serves us with a daily reminder to be grateful for one of Godís most precious gifts - LAUGHTER. Allowing us to find strength and encouragement through our everyday obstacles.These hilarious interpretations of lifeís ups and downs remind us that no matter what happens, through our unshakeable faith, and Godís never-ending love, we are all Too Blessed to be Stressed.

12" x 12"

4 mini-view months of 2021

12 full page months of 2022

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