Who is God?: The God Debates Paperback

Who is God?: The God Debates Paperback

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Who is God? Dr. Muhammad debates this question from a number of angles with individuals from different schools of thought. These debates were conducted online between the years 2000 and 2007. *Is the God of the Bible a man? Debate with author David Livingstone *Is Allah a man? The Sunni Islam Debate *Master Fard Muhammad: Prophet or God? The Nation of Gods and Earths Debate *Is the God of the Bible Self-Created? The Pastor Gino Jennings Controversy First published raw on-line, these debates have been edited fro easier reading and supplemented with commentary in order to increase their didactic value. The debates are also preceded by a detailed discussion of the reality of God according to the scriptures (Bible, Qur an and Sunna) in their original languages (Hebrew and Arabic).

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