The Word the Israelites and the Damned Paperback

The Word the Israelites and the Damned Paperback

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Dear reader, there are some things that we need to clarify, judging from the questions being asked by some of you after reading my first two books, "The Truth The Lie And The Bible" and 'The Forgotten Israelites." One of your main concerns deals with whether or not I am a racist, or if the teachings and lessons written in my books are only for black people. The answer is no. I am not a racist, and two; the lessons are not only for black people. We must remember what is said in Matthew 28:19-20 "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations " This knowledge that you are about to obtain in this book, would be about THE WORD, THE ISRAELITES, AND THE DAMNED. This will be the best book you have ever read, your history and religion wrapped in the pages of truth, written in simple language. You ought to find out and read it for yourself. The truth is a dangerous weapon and I challenge anyone to prove it wrong.

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